What Are The Most Popular Flowers For Easter?

by thebrandchef on April 6, 2012

Curious about the most popular Easter bloom for your table or to send off to your family you’ll be missing this year? Well look no further!

By far the most popular Easter flower is the Easter Lily. The Easter Lily symbolizes purity and the renewal of Easter and come in pink, yellow, red, and orange in addition to the traditional white.









Daffodils are another popular spring and Easter time flower. The daffodil symbolizes rebirth and eternal life.










The hyacinth is another popular flower used in Easter arrangements. Hyacinths bloom in spring in white, blue, purple and pink.







Tulips symbolize the rebirth of spring and are said to be messengers of love, passion and belief.










Azaleas are often given as gifts during the Easter season. They make a perfect table setting and are available in orange, white, red and pink.









Daisies symbolize purity and gentleness and are a popular choice for the Easter season.

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