Fun Summer Wedding Trends

by tomboesen on July 10, 2012

While some brides – and grooms! – still follow the traditional wedding format, it’s becoming more and more common to include the UNCOMMON in their nuptials.  One of the biggest trends for weddings this year is to personalize your wedding and add touches that are unique to the couple and being shared with those in attendance.

Here are some ways to personalize YOUR big day!

  • Non-Floral Bouquets: While flowers are traditional and many brides still opt for them, sparkly is gaining popularity with bouquets made partially or entirely of jewels.  A personal touch is to make your own, incorporating family heirlooms like brooches, earrings and pearl strands.
  • Bright Color:  Pastels and color palettes are still classy and popular, but another trend is to use a singular, bold color in the decorations and mixing up the colors of the bridesmaid dresses, rather than one-color-fits-all.  The most popular summer colors this year are striking orange, deep spring green, rich pink and bright teal.
  • Location, location, location:  Elegance and glamor will always be in style.  But there is no hard and fast rule that says you have to have the service in a church and the reception in hall.  Farm settings, local parks, rose gardens – nearly any outdoor location can work for summer.  Just be sure to plan for weather issues, especially here in the Midwest!
  • Good-Karma Gifts:  With many couples already being financially established by the time they get married, with their own homes and silverware and dishes, some are going the route of suggesting a charitable donation instead of making a bridal registry.  We all like receiving gifts, but let’s face it – we always end up with too much STUFF.  Choosing a worthwhile local or national charity that’s close to your heart will really personalize the day for you.
  • Non-Cake Desserts:  Not everyone loves cake.  I know, it’s an odd concept, but true, nonetheless.  Why not share with your guests YOUR favorite desserts?  Lemon-meringue pie, strawberry shortcake, an ice cream sundae bar – something different and fun for attendees of all ages!

There is nothing wrong with going the traditional route.  Traditional weddings with white roses and pastel dresses and decorations with a three-tier cake are always beautiful and tasteful!  But don’t feel guilty about wanting to infuse YOUR wedding with a little bit of what makes you and your partner unique and special.  You can count on the team at Boesen the Florist to help plan the day that’s perfect for you.

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