Enjoy Fresh Flowers And Keep Pets Safe, Too

by tomboesen on June 29, 2012

Everyone loves getting flowers and greenery as gifts – for birthday, thank you, anniversary or housewarming.  But many times the gift-givers and recipients are unaware of the danger they may be bringing into the home.  While popular and pretty, many plants can pose a health risk to our four-legged friends.  Some of the most common irritants include:

  1. Lilies

  2. Sago Palm

  3. Amaryllis

  4. Tulip Bulbs

  5. Schefflera

Boesen the FloristWhile not all of these are deadly, they can cause symptoms ranging from vomiting to liver failure.  For detailed information, you can check with the ASPCA’s website.  There you can find lists of toxic and non-toxic plants, the symptoms they can cause, and links to other helpful sites.

You don’t need to throw out your houseplants – But a little knowledge can go a LONG way!  You CAN keep your pets safe while still enjoying the benefits of fresh plants and flowers in your home!  If you ever have a question, just call or stop in to Boesen the Florist and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff!

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